What was socially acceptable in the 90s, but not today?

Every now and then things go out of style and are just not okay anymore. Reddit user Ares6 posed the question “What was socially acceptable in the 90s, but not today?” and here are just some of the answers.

1. Throwing People Into a Pool

Back when no one had cellphones you could throw people into the pool and it would be funny! There clothes would get all wet and everyone would laugh. Then it became a fight of knocking everyone else into the pool Nowadays you might have to owe someone $500 if you suprise someone by throwing them in the water. – Levelagon

2. Knocking on Someone’s Door Unnannounced

To see if someone was home you used to be able to go over to their house and knock. Sometimes you would even do this just to say hello. Nowadays if you here a surprise knock at the door you either assume it is the delivery man dropping off whatever you ordered off of Amazon or a murderer. – papadapalis 

3. Saying Goodbye to Someone at a Gate at the Airport Without a Plane Ticket

You could go up to the gate to see people off without having to shell out a couple hundred bucks. You could see them get on the plane and you could watch the plane take off. Nowadays you have the TSA security line and some guy ready to feel you up with plastic gloves to go through, as well as needing a plane ticket if you want to pull off that 90s goodbye…. Thanks, Osama – Reddit_is_my_power & GarrioValere

4. Frosted Tips

This one is pretty straight forward. The frosted tip hair style was cool back in the day. Many celebrities had this style and many guys decided to follow this trend. Now if you have frosted tips either people chuckle to themselves about the fact you have frosted tips… or you are Guy Fieri – nlippe

5. Bill Cosby

This guy used to be the funniest guy and the nicest guy people knew. Everyone loved him. He had multiple shows: The Cosby Show, Cosby, and Kids Say the Darndest Things. Today he is the subject of multiple sexual assault allegations, with what seem to be more every day. No one wants to admit they like the guy, and if you do, you will get quite a few people to berate you. – Mew16

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