Play Pokemon Go? Here are some helpful resources


Almost everyone is playing Pokemon GO and for those of you that are, here are some different online resources you can use to try to make the most of you game time.


This website will help you find guys that are normally invisible. You either type in your location into the search bar or drag the map until you find your house and scan! If it says there is an Eevee outside, go there and there will be an Eevee! Although It takes Niantic’s API, so if the servers are down, Pokevision won’t work. Many users have reported doesn’t work well outside the US and tends to be buggy.

A Handy Effectiveness Chart

Just download this image and quickly pull it up before heading into Gyms in order to know how to beat them easily.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 9.52.02 AM

This guides you on how to evolve the selected Pokemon with the specified number of candies to get the max XP out of them.

egg chrt

Pokemon Hatching Chart

Ever wonder which Pokemon you’ll get out of your egg? Worry….less, with this handy chart that narrows down which guy you’ll get based on it being a 2km, 5km, or 10km egg. Credit to

Evo Calc

Ever wonder what CP your Zubat will be once it evolves into a Golbat? This website has a handy dropdown menu that lets your first pick a Pokemon and then a space to enter its CP. It then gives the CP of the evolution(s) of that Pokemon with the CP multiplier right next to it.


This handy little site shows all the general stats of Pokemon currently in Pokemon Go in one tab, all the ways to gain XP in another tab, and info on the first 40 trainer levels. The final tab is in the works, as is a lot of this site.

s tier

They’ve got a lot of useful stuff, so I won’t include many images and just link you directly to the stuff. at they give you lists on how much CP the desired Pokemon will go up by when leveling it up (with stardust and its pokecandy), as seen in the image above. at they explain where to find different types of Pokemon, what footsteps mean, what levels mean in regard to catching Pokemon, and what the best guys to catch are. and finally, at they guide you on the many ways to gain XP fast, easily, and effectively.

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